Education Program internships offer valuable experience with events and conference planning and coordinating, syllabus and course design, project conception and management, all while enhancing the student experience here at EWC. Students work closely with EWC staff and build camaraderie on teams with fellow students. Contact your program coordinator for more information on:

The Community Building Institute (CBI) is an integrated program of activities and orientations for new EWC participants which occurs before the start of each academic semester. It is required for all students starting a EWC program.

Through CBI participants gain a greater understanding and awareness of shared communities as these relate to academic study, daily living and the challenges facing the Asia Pacific region. With participants from the United States, Asia, the Pacific, and beyond, CBI explores the many connections that unite different cultures here in Hawaiʻi, at the EWC, and abroad. Participants interact through educational and service activities that are designed to encourage learning about fellow participants, the EWC, and Hawai‘i. CBI also aims to prepare participants for academic life in Hawai‘i and engagement at the EWC.

Time Frame: CBI interns commit to six months in their positions, from April through September, and serve as core members of the CBI Planning Team, which begins meeting in April annually.

CBI Planning Intern

The CBI Planning intern will assist with various aspects of the planning and development of CBI programming, including pre-arrival engagement and communications, materials development, sessions on EWC student life and other issues, and the group project. Intern will work closely with Education Program and other EWC staff to coordinate interaction between incoming students and the current student community and enhance participant engagement and connection.

CBI and SQuaSH

The CBI and SQuaSH (Student Quarantine, Support, and Hospitality) intern will support CBI functions and contribute to overall planning and logistics of new student arrivals at the EWC during COVID-19, with a focus on virtual community-building events and activities for students in quarantine and self-isolation and coordination of the EWC buddy system.

The Exchange: is a series of evening events, held weekly, featuring guest presentations, performances, activities, and great food. Sessions explore the pressing issues, histories, challenges, innovations, and vibrant cultures that make the Asia-Pacific region unique. 
Time frame: Each team of interns commits to two semesters: one semester planning and one implementing the Exchange. Each semester will have 8 sessions. Interns manage various aspects of the experience, including (click any of the following to expand):

Planning and Speakers Intern

The Exchange Planning and Speakers Intern takes a leadership role in the planning and coordination of the series. The theme, goals/objectives, dates, speakers, and all substantive areas of production are driven by the Planning Intern.

Performance Intern

The Exchange Performance Intern assists the Exchange Planning Intern in identifying excellent guest performers that fit within the theme of the series, sending invitations, and liaising with performers throughout the planning process.

Activities Intern

The Exchange Activities Intern plans and directs group activities, manages volunteer facilitators for each session of The Exchange, and manages evaluations. The intern ensures clear communication between the planning team, EWC staff, the discussion groups, and all participants.

Technology and Logistics Interns (2 positions)

The Exchange Technology and Logistics Interns are responsible for maintaining the website for The Exchange and designing all marketing and promotional materials for the series, including the semester poster, weekly flyers, and introductory video. They also manage online RSVPs, host the virtual sessions via Zoom, and create promotional footage from session recordings. For in-person programs, logistics coordinator position will include liaising with IMIN center on all logistical arrangements for sessions.

Food Intern

Position tentative for fall 2021. The Exchange Food Intern is in charge of food preparation and service. The Food Coordinator selects menus, arranges for the purchase and preparation of all food items, and manages food preparation groups for each session.

Videography Intern

Position tentative for fall 2021. The Exchange Videography Intern is responsible for filming The Exchange each week and producing professional-quality videos with the footage. The intern operates video equipment, manages and archives digital video files, edits digital content to create signature video products for the event, and uploads them for use by EWC and the Exchange team.

The EWC International Graduate Student Conference (IGSC) is an annual academic conference event bringing together graduate students from Hawai‘i, the US and abroad in an intellectually stimulating environment for discussion on issues relating to the Asia-Pacific, and US Asia-Pacific relations.
Time frame: The IGSC is held in mid-February each year. Conference chairs will be selected 15-18-months in advance, so that they can have some overlap with the previous team, and can be part of the conference in the previous year (as volunteers). They will shadow the current team and take substantive volunteer roles. All other internships will be selected 10-12 months in advance and students interested in these positions should plan to be active in the previous conference as a presenter or volunteer. Planning for the conference begins in early-Spring the year before. Decisions about theme, venue, and preparation of the call for abstracts will take place in spring, there will be some inquiry management over the summer months, and then conference planning resumes in September, with abstract review and planning of logistics. The most intense period of activity is December-February. Internships for IGSC include (click on any to expand):


The IGSC Co-chairs take leadership roles in organizing the conference and managing its implementation. Activities include determining theme and design for promotional materials, advertising for abstracts and participation, managing the selection process, planning the conference schedule, and coordinating the conference event.

Volunteer Coordinator

The IGSC Volunteer Coordinator is the lead manager of the IGSC volunteer team. The Coordinator assesses volunteer needs, recruits for volunteer positions, and supervises volunteer tasks.

Communications and Program Editor

The IGSC Program Editor is responsible for editing and publishing the IGSC program booklet as well as all promotions and marketing materials (flyers, posters, social media, etc). The position involves collecting and managing information about presenters, abstracts, events, donors, and schedules, and it requires excellent editing skills and preferably publication design experience.

Logistics Coordinator

The IGSC Logistics Coordinator is responsible for coordinating conference food, location, and equipment logistics. They are also the lead on looking into the logistics for new initiatives the IGSC is interested in undertaking relating to innovations in conference sustainability, health, accessibility, fundraising, among others.

Administration Manager

The IGSC Administration Manager is the lead coordinator for the IGSC team. They are responsible for managing the email system, distributing conference email with the team and participants, creating and organizing meeting summaries and task lists, coordinating with the Co-Chairs during the abstract reviewing process, and taking the lead on fundraising efforts.

Technology Manager

The IGSC Technology Manager handles the technological and online aspects of the conference. They will design, implement and then manage the IGSC website infrastructure and the conference recording and streaming mechanisms, manage the abstract submission and conference registration systems, see to various IT needs, and also coordinate the IGSC social media accounts.

Humans of EWC Coordinator: The goal of this internship is to galvanize the spirit of aloha by collecting stories and sharing the voices of the East-West Center ‘ohana through narrative journalism. The intern will interview with those affiliated with the East-West Center and is responsible for creatively editing the interviews by extrapolating several quotes which well-represent both the interviewee and the East-West Center. The purpose of this student-led initiative, Humans of EWC Facebook Page and Instagram account is to highlight the diversity of the incredible stories, experiences, insights, and unique skills our peers carry with them here at the East-West Center.