“Humans of the East-West Center provides a glimpse into our community for those interested in learning about EWC through a more personal lens”

– To strengthen our community through communication and connection.
– To highlight the richness and diversity of our community.
– To form connections with participants, alumni and the broader EWC community.

Nominations process
We would like to hear about your interesting stories, so please nominate your friends, unit mates, or even yourself, through our simple online form: https://bit.ly/humans-ewc-nomination-form.

Interview and publication process
Our process is based on mutual respect, inclusion, and community building, guided by the EWC mission and values. Here are the common agreements that interviewer and interviewee will accept and follow:
#1: The primary publishing platform of the Humans stories is our two social media accounts, Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HumansofEWC/ and Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/humansofewc.
#2:  The interview will be recorded for later transcription to assist in the writing process. If requested, interview questions can be shared in advance; that said, our goal is to have a natural and unscripted conversation. The written profile will be edited for length and clarity for distribution on social media.
#3: Interns will send the profile to the interviewee to approve prior to publishing. To the greatest extent possible, this final draft should receive minimal edits, as it is based on the recorded transcript of the interview. If changes are needed, all parties — intern, interviewee, and EWC staff advisor — must consent for the post to be published.  
#4:  At any point in this process, the interviewee has the right to stop the interview and publication.

Internship team
2021-22 Interns:
– Myat Thor Thiha (Graduate Degree Fellow, MA student, Economics, Myanmar)
– Amali Wedagedara (Graduate Degree Fellow, PhD student, Political Science, Sri Lanka)
Education Program Advisors:
– Kanika Mak-Lavy (EWC Program Coordinator & Registrar)
– Natalie Roberts (Education Program & Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Research Intern)
With additional support from EP Multimedia Intern:
– Kainoa Keanaaina (Graduate Degree Fellow, MA Student, Hawaiian Studies, Hawai’i, U.S.)

If you have any questions or concerns about the Humans projects, feel free to reach out to us at amali[at]hawaii.edu and mtthiha[at]hawaii.edu.