Computer Room & Free Wi-Fi

There is a computer room for your use in Burns Hall 2086/87. The computer room is open 24 hours for you to check e-mail and access the Internet. There is a printer in the room; however, participants must provide your own paper during office hours.  The printer is not available for use after 4 PM.  In the spirit of sustainability and collegiality, please keep your printing to a minimum and keep the room clean.  Please do not bring non-EWC friends to use the computers.  The computers are strictly for the use of current EWC participants.  Free Wi-Fi is also available in Burns Hall for current EWC students.  Instructions on how to register are available here.

Computer room at Burns Hall 2086/87

Education Program Listserv

The official listserv for the Education Program is  This listserv is used by Education Program staff to send official announcements.  All current fellows are included in the listserv. We send announcements about EWC sponsored speakers, seminars, travel/field study grants, fellowship competitions, EWC events, and community service opportunities.  Students cannot reply or post to this listserv as it is an announcement posting listserv only.  (Please note that when you complete your participation award at the EWC, your name and email will be removed from this list.)

EWCPA Listserv

The EWCPA listserv is  This unofficial and informal listserv is one of the ways that the EWC Participants Association facilitates sharing of information within the participant community (EWC staff do not have access to this listserv).  You can receive announcements, reply, and post announcements on this listserv. To join this listserv, please contact your EWCPA board.  This is an “Opt-In” listserv, meaning that you need to sign up in order to receive EWCPA listserv announcements.


English and Hawaiian are the official state languages. At one time, the number of Hawaiian speakers had greatly diminished, but a tremendous renaissance of Hawaiian culture has taken place over the past generation or two. Hawaiʻi Creole English (locally referred to as ‘Pidgin’) is the native language of many born-and-raised residents and is a second language for many other residents. After English, other popular languages are Tagalog, Japanese, Ilokano, and Chinese.

Hawaiian Words You Will Often Hear (doc)
Select words in the Hawaiian language that you may commonly hear while at the East-West Center and Hawaiʻi.


U.S. Postal Service (general website)
For sending letters and packages within the U.S. or internationally. For economical flat-rate options to ship items to your home country, click here to learn about USPS priority mail flat rate international shipping, which may be a more cost-effective way to ship your packages overseas. These boxes are available at the post office for no charge; however, you must purchase your own clear reinforced packing tape for securely sealing the box.

Moʻiliʻili Post Office (website)
Address:  2700 S. King Street, Suite B, Honolulu, HI 96826 (1 mile from the EWC)

Manoa Contract Postal Unit (website)
Address:  2754 Woodlawn Drive, Suite 7-101, Honolulu, HI 96822 (1.7 miles from the EWC)
Tel:  (808) 532-5689
Note:  This is not a full-service post office so only a select number of services are provided. Call in advance for information. 

Waikiki Post Office
Address:  330 Saratoga Road, Honolulu, HI 96815

FedEx Office Print & Ship Center (website)
Address:  2575 South King Street, Honolulu, HI 96826
Tel:  (808) 943-0005
Privately-run express mailing services and supplies for U.S. and international shipments, as well as Copy and Print, Signs and Graphics, and other services. Check the website for additional information.


If you are housed in EWC Housing, you are eligible for an MSC (Mail Stop Code) number for your mail. You will receive your mailbox assignments/combinations in Burns Hall when you come for your ID photo if you have not already been assigned one.

Mailboxes at Hale Manoa’s lobby

Telephone/Fax/Prepaid SIM cards

Tel Fax instructions while at the East-West Center (PDF)
Information about making long-distance calls and faxes while at the East-West Center.

Prepaid sim cards and plans from T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint are also available at Walmart and other locations in Honolulu. Check the websites to learn more about available plans from each carrier.

Bring a phone from home and want to know if it’ll work with the networks in the US? Use this website to find out.