Administrative Matters

EWC Administrative Listserv

The EWC administrative listserv is  This listserv is used by the Education Program staff to send announcements.  All current fellows are included in the listserv. We send announcements about EWC sponsored speakers, seminars, travel/field study grants, fellowship competitions, EWC events, and activities.  You cannot reply to this listserv.  It is an announcement posting listserv only.  (Please note that when you complete your participation/award at the EWC, your name and email is removed from this list.)

EWCPA Listserv

The EWCPA listserv is  This listserv is one of the ways that the EWC Participants Association facilitates sharing of information within the EWCPA community.  You can receive announcements, reply, and post announcements on this listserv. To join this listserv, please write to Soksamphoas Im at and provide your name and email address.  This is an “Opt-In” listserv, meaning that you need to sign up in order to receive EWCPA listserv announcements.

Fob Key

Access to Burns Hall is available 24 hours/day and 7 days a week with a fob key.  EWC staff will issue this key to you.  To use the key place it over the black plastic square to the left of the stairwell entry door in the front of Burns Hall. This stairwell entry is located to the right of the main entrance doors.  When you hear the buzzer sound you may open the door.  All fellows receiving a fob key must return it to EWC staff at the end of their award.  Failure to return the fob key or its loss and replacement will incur a charge of $10.


Fob key

Computer Room & Free Wi-Fi

There is a computer room for your use in Burns Hall 2086/87. The computer room is open 24 hours for you to check e-mail and access the Internet. There is a printer in the room; however, participants must provide your own paper during office hours.  The printer is not available for use after 4 PM.  In the spirit of sustainability and collegiality, please keep your printing to a minimum and keep the room clean.  Please do not bring non-EWC friends to use the computers.  The computers are strictly for the use of current EWC participants.  Free Wi-Fi is also available in Burns Hall for current EWC students.  Instructions on how to register are available here.


Computer room at Burns Hall 2086/87

MSC Boxes

If you are housed in EWC Housing, you are eligible for an MSC (Mail Stop Code) number for your mail. You will receive your mailbox assignments/combinations in Burns Hall when you come for your ID photo if you have not already been assigned one.


Mailboxes at Hale Manoa’s lobby


In the event of a health or other critical emergency, please inform your scholarship/student program coordinator as soon as possible.  Your coordinator will provide you with his/her contact information.

Business Cards

At a later date, you will receive an announcement regarding how to place an order for an East-West Center business card if you should wish to purchase a box of business cards.


Sample EWC business card